Rare Island Village Seed for Minecraft PE 1.0.3


Some of the most popular seeds for any edition of Minecraft are those featuring small islands. They even have a special genre – they’re typically known as Survival Islands. Some players actually make videos of playing on such islands and post them to various video sites for game enthusiasts because they are just so popular. The Rare Island Village map for PE is one of the best possible Survival Islands you could get. Not only does it feature an island in a remote location with no land around, but it also has a small village loaded with NPC villagers, allowing for goods to be traded.

One of the best features of the Rare Island Village map is the long dock which comes naturally occurring. There are a couple of houses next to a few planters, all of which are next to a long stretch of wood which extends into the water. It’s the perfect place for building your own home on the island, but you could also just move into any of the villager houses. They won’t complain. There is a church, a well, and many different food items all gathered in one place. However, this village doesn’t feature a blacksmith, so you won’t get any gear immediately after starting.

That’s ok, though. It’s still possible to do great with this Rare Island Village setting. There are no naturally occurring trees on the island, but any crafty Minecraft player knows they can harvest all the wood from the village houses. There’s plenty of sand to make sandstone and replace the wood, and you can, of course, start digging down in the middle of your island for resources like stone, coal, iron and more. You could always sail to another island to look for wood and saplings too.

How to use Rare Island Village Seed?

  1. Create a new world.
  2. Enter a seed in the “Advanced” menu.
  3. Start your game and have fun!
Seed ID: 536194569