Mutant Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE 1.0.3


Once you learn how to kill all of the enemies in vanilla Minecraft, combat is only really exciting when you’re fighting boss monsters, like the Wither or Enderdragon. These battles represent major points in the player’s life in a world and they should because they’re epic fights. But what about everyday combat? If you’re finding that part of the game boring, you might want to check out the Mutant Creatures mod for MCPE. The mod adds four mutated creatures to Minecraft, all of which are based on creatures which already exist in the vanilla version of the game.

With the Mutant Creatures mod, you get mutated versions of the creeper, the enderman, the zombie and the skeleton – all monsters you should be pretty familiar with if you’ve ever played Minecraft for more than a few minutes. These mutated monsters are all much stronger than their vanilla counterparts, doing more damage and taking more hits before they finally hit the dirt. But the changes don’t just stop at statistics. Each of the mutated creatures also comes with a significantly altered model, usually with a freakish amount of twisting and extending of limbs. Some of these things just look wrong.

Mod Showcase:

The creeper, for example, appears to pull itself along using two massive front arms, while dragging a long tail that lags behind. The mutated enderman looks like some kind of giant walking ant, with two sets of arms coming out of its sides instead of the normal one. Unlike other mods which randomly generate boss monsters without telling you which are the stronger ones, the Mutant Creatures mod makes it disturbingly clear which of the monsters are modded. You shouldn’t try to take on the mutants without at least a full set of iron armor and a strong weapon, but better gear will definitely help.

Mutant Creatures Mod Installation

  1. Ensure that you have installed BlockLauncher.
  2. Download the mod script from below.
  3. Import the script from local storage in BlockLauncher and enable it.
  4. Have fun!

Download Mutant Creatures Mod

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