More Furniture Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0


If you’re like most Minecraft PE players, then you wish there were more furniture items in the game so you could further customize your homes and other structures, and create the kind of unique look you really want them all to have, rather than the generic appearance you get with vanilla textures. The More Furniture Mod is the answer to your prayers if that’s the case. With more than 25 new furniture items, this is one nice mod package including things like a couch and chairs which you can actually sit in, a doghouse for any tamed wolves and even a PlayStation.



While it doesn’t work with the PlayStation (or at all, really) there is also a TV which features some simple animations and cartoons. You can’t change channels or anything, but it looks a lot better than the “TV” you can make with vanilla blocks – you know, the type of “TV” that doesn’t actually do anything or feature any animations at all? Other items include a toilet, sink, toilet paper holder and even a small garbage can, so you can finally add a bathroom to your house, one that actually looks like a bathroom rather than a collection of mismatched wool blocks.



All of the new recipes in the More Furniture Mod can be crafted using vanilla ingredients, so you don’t have to get any inventory hacking mod or play on Creative mode to get all the new furniture items. Still, you may want Toolbox installed in case you have trouble crafting certain items, like if you can’t find all of the necessary materials to make them in the normal way. That way you can get access to all aspects of the More Furniture Mod right from starting a new world, so you can use all the new furniture in the very first house you build if you so desire.

Download More Furniture Mod

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