Dokucraft Dark Texture Pack for Minecraft PE 0.15.4


Dokucraft is one of the most popular branches of resource packs available for Minecraft today. It’s nice to see that Dokucraft Dark texture pack is finally making its way into the realm of Minecraft PE, which has always suffered from a shortage of content when compared to the PC version of the game. Dokucraft has always been a solid medieval style texture pack, and this translation to PE impresses in the same ways the original resource packs. The resolution of the textures isn’t exceptionally high, but it is a significant improvement over the quality of vanilla textures, and that means an overall increased level of detail.



This is immediately apparent when you start up a new world – all you have to do is look at some trees and see how to leaves have spaces between them and look, well, more like actual leaves than the green blocks you see in standard Minecraft PE. Cooked stone and stone bricks of all kinds also look significantly better than they normally do, which is kind of important to any medieval resource pack. All your castles, towers and other stone constructs will really look great with the Dokucraft Dark resource pack installed. But it makes changes to more than just these construction blocks.



Villagers get a major facelift – the kind that leaves them looking more like orcs or monsters than villagers. They still have the characteristic big noses though, even if their skin is green and huge tusks come out of their mouths now. There may be better-known medieval resource packs out there for Minecraft PE right now, but there aren’t many with the same level of quality in the textures as you get from Dokucraft Dark Texture Pack.

How to install Dokucraft Dark Texture Pack?

  1. Download and install the BlockLauncher
  2. Open the BlockLauncher
  3. Click the wrench icon and then click “Launcher Options”
  4. Click the “Texture Pack” option.
  5. Click the “Select” button and locate where you downloaded the texture pack.
  6. Now you have the texture pack installed!

Download Dokucraft Dark Texture Pack

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