DesnoGuns Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0


Combat in Minecraft has never been too complicated. Players try to slash, punch or shoot each other until one of them is dead. That’s pretty much how most fights go, though occasionally someone will run away rather than die fighting. Boring, right? The DesnoGuns Mod adds more than 50 new weapons to Minecraft Pocket Edition, including a number of guns, most of which fire much faster than the bow everyone is used to using for long-range fighting. There are pistols, rifles, machine guns, and even Molotov cocktails that explode into a wall of fire when thrown at a surface.



There are actually a handful of different explosive devices in the DesnoGuns Mod, like grenades and bombs. The config file for this mod contains values you can adjust so those explosives don’t damage the environment when they blow up. The variety of weapons and the versatility of the different tools make this one of the best weapon mods for MCPE. All you need to do is make sure you install the textures first through Blocklauncher and then import the script just like you would with any other large mod. Installation only takes a couple of minutes, so you’ll be shooting and exploding mobs in no time.



If you’re tired of the boring old combat in Minecraft, the DesnoGuns Mod could be exactly what you need to spice up your fights in Pocket Edition. Because the added guns make killing other players and mobs so much faster, there are a handful of helpful items included in the mod as well. A parachute can save you from falling damage and a medical kit can be used to quickly heal yourself, kind of like the healing potions which can be cooked up at a brewing stand. I’s possible to survive against the overpowered guns because of these items.

DesnoGuns Mod for Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Changelogs

  • NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.14.0
  • WARNING: since BlockLauncher is not yet updated for 0.14.0 grenades are buggy

How to install DesnoGuns Mod?

  1. Ensure that you have installed BlockLauncher.
  2. Download the zip that contains the mod and the textures.
  3. Extract it with your file explorer/manager.
  4. Install textures in BlockLauncher.
  5. Import the script from local storage in BlockLauncher and enable it.

Download DesnoGuns Mod

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