Craftboy PE Texture Pack for Minecraft PE 1.0.3


Crafting has always been a major part of the Minecraft universe – it’s right in the name of the game after all. The Craftboy PE texture pack doesn’t really make any changes to the way you craft things in Minecraft, but it does do wonders to change the appearance of the game. In fact, it makes your already blocky Minecraft world look even more blocky if you can believe it. This is accomplished by lowering the resolution of some textures and filling in a dull combination of green and black color palettes to make everything look like it’s being rendered on a classic Nintendo Gameboy handheld.

This is going to be hard for many of the younger players out there to imagine, since they may only have experience with the Game Boy Advance and newer renditions of the machine, like the 3DS. For those of us who were around in the 80s though, seeing the glaring green and black color scheme and junky graphics will actually be a kind of nostalgic treat. That’s not to say the Craftboy PE texture pack is ugly or anything – it turns out Minecraft actually translates very well to the world of Gameboy. Some players just won’t be able to appreciate it though.

For those who can appreciate it, the Craftboy PE resource pack provides a great alternative to the standard look of vanilla Minecraft Pocket Edition. Fans of retro styles will absolutely love it, but even if you just happened to be alive and actually experience the old Gameboy back when it was fresh, you’ll still find a way to connect to this resource pack. Thankfully, the sky does remain blue in this pack, unlike in some other packs which purport to be reminiscent of Gameboy styles. At least you can tell which way is up.

Craftboy PE Texture Pack Installation

  1. Download and install the BlockLauncher
  2. Open the BlockLauncher
  3. Click the wrench icon and then click “Launcher Options”
  4. Click the “Texture Pack” option.
  5. Click the “Select” button and locate where you downloaded the texture pack.
  6. Now you have the texture pack installed!

Download Craftboy PE Texture Pack

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