BlockLauncher for Minecraft PE 0.15.4


You know how special launchers and mod loaders like Forge help to manage mods for the PC version of Minecraft? Well, the BlockLauncher tool is kind of like that, except for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE). At its most basic, Block Launcher is a custom Minecraft launcher that makes it easier to install, remove and manage mods & texture packs, as well as turning them on and off without actually removing any data or files from your device. This Android app also allows you to patch Minecraft Pocket Edition without forcing you to reinstall anything. It’s a very nice tool for Pocket Edition users, who may also know it by its old name, MCPELauncher.


If you aren’t using any custom content in your version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, then BlockLauncher and tools like it are pretty much useless to you. With no custom content to manage, they just end up bloating the size of your Minecraft game when it’s running and end up eating more resources you could be using for other things. With that said, if you don’t mod extensively and you don’t plan to start anytime soon, you can probably just steer away from BlockLauncher. Only those players who mod MCPE will get any use from the BlockLauncher tool, but it’s certainly a powerful tool for those users.


The automatic patching is kind of nice, but it’s nothing compared to the other features of BlockLauncher, and not enough on its own to justify installing the tool for most players. Sing BlockLauncher is rather easy, though. All you have to do is press the Options button on the main screen of MCPE, then select the Mods tab. BlockLauncher will take care of all the data transfers and moving of files – you just tell it which mods you want to install, which installed mods you want to enable, and it does all the rest.

Block Launcher Pro – An In-Depth Tutorial

How to open Block Launcher menu?

  1. After you download and install BlockLauncher, just open as a normal app.
  2. On the screen, you will see a wrench, press on the wrench to open the menu of BlockLauncher.

How to install BlockLauncher?

We recommend to download the BlockLauncher only from Google Play, It is the safest method.

Download BlockLauncher

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