AgameR Fireworks Mod for Minecraft PE 1.0.3


Fireworks are already included in the PC edition of Minecraft, with some pretty cool color and shape combinations which can be used to produce a unique show every time. But the AgameR Fireworks Mod is what you’ll need to install if you want any kind of fireworks in Pocket Edition. This mod adds two different fireworks – one that flies up into the sky before exploding and one that stays on the ground shooting up sparks before blowing up. At this stage in the mod’s development, you will need to access the fireworks through the Creative menu as they have no set recipe coded just yet.

Because this is a basic fireworks mod, you don’t get the degree of control with your fireworks like you would in the PC version of Minecraft either. You can’t decide the shape, if any, which will appear when your fireworks explode. The flying rocket will leave a trail of fire while flying into the sky, to a height of about 20 blocks, where it explodes into a shimmery mist of colored particles. Effects are similar for the ground-based firework, but again that stays on the ground and doesn’t fly away, so you’ll want to give it a little room after setting it off to avoid getting burned.

Not that these fireworks are really harmful to the environment or dangerous to the user. They won’t blow up construction or other blocks, and the sparks don’t actually cause any damage, so they aren’t exactly realistic in how they work. If you just want more explosive in your PE world though, the AgameR Fireworks Mod is probably one of the best ways to satisfy that desire. Since you have to use Creative mode to get access to them anyhow, you can set off as many as you want at a time without a care.

AgameR Fireworks Mod Update Logs

  • v1.1: Added Super Firework Rocket, you can now place multiple fireworks at the same time, added crafting recipes, added survival mechanics, added /changelog fireworksmodpe command, code improvements.
  • v1.0: Initial release!

Download AgameR Fireworks Mod

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